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In order to realize this new mandate, the Department will undertake major reforms to its service delivery system. The provision of high quality, client-focused services will be the trademark of this system. Staff will be assigned to concentrate more on direct work with clients. My Department of Municipalities, Culture and Housing will undertake two major initiatives to eliminate overlap and duplication of provincial and federal social housing programs. This will result in major reforms to our justice system, and greatly improve access to justice for our citizens.

The new structure being developed will also result in a transfer of new technology, knowledge and skills to New Brunswickers working in this sector.

ASC - The American Society of Criminology - Abstracts

The protection and confidentiality of personal information in the computer age is of serious concern to this Government. A discussion document on privacy will be tabled during the Session as part of a process to prepare legislation on this important issue. You will be asked to consider a number of legislative initiatives to improve the administration of justice. Consumer-related legislation will be brought forward this year, and will include amendments to the Insurance Act , the Evidence Act , and the Property Act.


My Government will introduce legislation to review the rules related to the calculation of damages in personal injury claims, improve benefits in the case of automobile accidents, and expand recovery by government for health program costs. Working with the insurance industry, these initiatives will be developed so they are cost neutral to consumers in their automobile premiums. Deregulation of the land registry system will continue, and you will be presented with amendments to the Registry Act and Condominium Property Act , with supporting changes to the Mechanics Lien Act , and the Employment Standards Act.

My Government will undertake reforms to the police and correctional service systems, with emphasis on service delivery at the community level.

Innovative community solutions will be developed to respond to crime, victims, and offenders. A priority will be placed on the delivery of community correctional services, along with a corresponding deinstitutionalization of adult correctional facilities. New Provincial Policing Standards will be developed to ensure that the public receives high quality policing services.

The Police Act will be presented for amendments. This Government recognizes the value that our people place on a clean environment, and the enhancement of cultural and recreational opportunities. As a major thrust of My Government's environmental initiatives, a new Act concerning clean air will be introduced. A legislative proposal will be tabled for your consideration, and it will be the subject of public hearings before a final Act is presented for your consideration. Construction of state-of-the-art regional landfills, incorporating a variety of waste reduction operations, will proceed this year in both Charlotte and Madawaska counties.

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In cooperation with New Brunswick's Regional Commissions and the private sector, My Government will continue to strengthen waste reduction efforts, which are the foundation of a long-term approach to solid waste management. The cleaning-up of Saint John Harbour will continue in the coming year, and the Province will work with other levels of government, and the private sector, to address the major remaining priority in New Brunswick's municipal sewerage collection and treatment system.

The promotion of increased water use efficiency at the municipal level will be undertaken throughout the Province.

A new Adopt-a-Highway Program will be implemented this year, to encourage and recognize residents and service organizations which enhance the attractiveness of sections of the provincial highway system. My Government will encourage and participate in initiatives designed to support the arts and culture sector.

Film NB will be created to further develop the Province's domestic film sector, and encourage the use of New Brunswick as a location for outside film productions and co-productions with local firms. Recommendations emanating from Arts Forum 95 on cultural policy will be addressed this year. My Department of Natural Resources and Energy will work to establish conservation areas, expand the system of ecological reserves, and extend the protection of habitat and populations of plants and animals which are considered at risk. This will include amendments to the Endangered Species Act.

The New Brunswick trail system will be expanded, providing job opportunities in rural areas. A discussion paper, developed under the direction of the all-party Select Committee of the Legislature on Demographics, will be tabled during this Session. The document will outline New Brunswick's future population characteristics, and will be used to solicit public input on the important issues affecting public policy.

Honours in numbers

This Government is pleased to participate in a bid for the Canada Winter Games for the year On behalf of all Members of this Assembly, I want to take this opportunity to salute those New Brunswickers who distinguished themselves in amateur sports last year. To those New Brunswick athletes who will be participating in the Olympics in Atlanta, we wish them success. New Brunswickers will be proud to know that several of our wheelchair athletes will be representing Canada at the Paralympics, which will also take place in Atlanta.

My Government wants to take this opportunity to announce its desire to host the Francophone Summit. A solid partnership with the private sector, the Federal Government, and member countries of La Francophonie will hopefully lead to the Province hosting this important event. A fiscally responsible, financially secure Province remains a central priority of this Government. Without it our vision of self-sufficiency will falter.

My Government recognizes that debt management is but a means to an end; a means to help ensure the social and economic growth of New Brunswick for the future. My Government's fiscal initiatives will be supplemented with efforts to improve the functioning of government, and provide more efficient and less costly services to our citizens. This Government is committed to meeting the requirements of balanced budget legislation.

During this Session, My Minister of Finance will table information which will show that the initial legislation requiring a balance on the Ordinary Account for the past three fiscal periods will be achieved by the end of this fiscal year. The budget to be tabled for your consideration will lay the foundation for meeting the provisions of the legislative amendments proclaimed last year, requiring an overall budgetary balance for the coming four-year period.

The Province's budget estimates for will contain measures to protect essential services and at the same time continue to reduce the debt of the Province. Through the Quality Service Initiative, all departments are actively engaged in reviewing their programs and structures. My Government will strive to ensure that all government programs are contributing as effectively and efficiently as possible to the long-term goal of a strong and self-sufficient province. A new system of performance measurement will be put in place in all departments this year, and will complement the Quality Service Initiative.

Private-public partnerships that serve the best interests of New Brunswickers will continue to be pursued as well. Changes to pension-related legislation will be introduced, including amendments to the Public Service Superannuation Act and the Teachers' Pension Act. A major deregulation project is underway in all Government departments and agencies.

Many of the legislative proposals that will be presented for your consideration during this Session are a result of this initiative. The continued success of Service New Brunswick has prompted this Government to substantially expand the concept, and more new sites are being planned for A number of new electronic services will also be introduced. Plans are underway to establish a provincial call centre, consolidating a number of existing services and offering new services as well.

Reforms will be taken to improve the Revenue Management System. New Brunswickers will have more choice, convenience, and control over when and where they do business with this Government. Revenue collection systems will be simplified; there will be a reduction in paperwork, and new service mechanisms will be established based on electronic communications and transactions. A Process Simplification Project will be put in place to deregulate and substantially improve services to people and businesses. Some licenses will be made permanent, some eliminated, and some combined.

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State Employee Salary Book

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