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Each carrier uses a 4-digit prefix format 19XX. It is mandatory to choose a 19XX carrier when calling internationally from a fixed line.

Dialing procedure

If you are calling internationally from a mobile phone you have the option not to use the 19XX prefix. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved Archived from the original on CS1 maint: archived copy as title link. Telephone numbers in the Americas. Address : AV. Alfonso Ugarte , Lima Tel.

There are several major private hospitals in Lima that offer general medical care, pediatric care and other specialized medical care, and dental care. Jr Miguel Aljovin Lima Tel. Home- and travel insurance If you travel to Peru and other South American countries you should have some form of insurance in case you have to pay for medical care during the trip.

Cheap Calls To Peru | Call Peru | JustCall (Peru)

Many have a home insurance policy for their residence where it usually is included a travel protection for a number of days, and therefore need not to pay for any additional travel insurance. On the other hand, the home insurance does not cover such costs that lie outside the health care system, such as compensation for delays. This type of compensation you can only get through a specific travel insurance, or get it free when you pay the trip with some debit- or credit card. Transportation by air ambulance, for example, can cost tens of thousands of dollars, which must be paid if you are uninsured.

Phone Codes

The Foreign Ministry usually does not help with return travel in connection with sickness or accident. Tips to help reaching relatives If you are alone when you suddenly become ill or have an accident, it may be difficult for health workers in another country knowing who they should contact. You can have telephone numbers of relatives listed on a slip of paper with information of their numbers.

If you have multiple contacts you can number them with numbers after the acronym ICE. Please note that the phone number should start with a country code and rule out the first zero in the area code. Insurance in traffic Traffic accounts for a large proportion of the fatal accidents that tourists are involved in, making it one of the biggest health risks on a trip is to rent a motor vehicle.

Traffic in Peru is honestly said very busy, ruthless and dangerous. If you choose to rent a car, it may be easier from the insurance point of view to rent a car through a travel agency in your home country.

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In this way, you get help with any insurance that you need to supplement with. And the excess can often be very high if something happens to your car.

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Think of what medications are needed The medications you need to take with you abroad should be in its original packaging. In this way, you have something to show, both if you need to contact health services abroad and if Customs are wondering what you are bringing with you.

If you take medicines that count as drugs, as some sleeping pills or strong pain-relieving medications, it is required in many countries a certificate in order for to bring them into the country. Pharmacies can issue such a certificate to some countries, while other countries require a medical certificate. The Embassy can provide information on the rules that apply in that particular country.

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