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Malcolm M. Occurrance of the geometrid, Anacamptodes clivinaria guenee, on curlleaf mountain mahogany in Owyhee County, Idaho, Sept.

William Edgar Borah. Letters, to Doremus Scudder, Boston, Mass. William E.

Ruth and Martin's Album Club

Welsh, Report on canal deliveries from Boise River and different features affecting these deliveries for the irrigation season of , Lewis Seward Prater, Prospecting for uranium and other radioactive ores, June George F. Cold damage to ponderosa pine in Spokane County, Washington Pedro N. Ospina, Load-duration study for bolted connections in wood, presented in partial satisfaction of the requirement for the degree of Master of Engineering, Sept. Arthur W.

Edward C. Bernard C. Nigeria's path : the first decade and after, University of Ife, Nigeria. Jean-Baptiste Zacharie Bolduc. Mission of the Columbia : letter and journal of Father J. Mission of the Columbia : second letter and journal of Father J. William Whiteman, Civil War diary of Sgt. William Whiteman, Dec. Grace Raymond, Hebard, Bozeman Trail: historical accounts of the blazing of the overland routes into the Northwest, and the fights with Red Cloud's warriors.

Edwin Crockett.

le conte middle school

Crossing the plains in and prospecting for placer gold in the great Northwest, James R. Lewis C. Watson, Mr. Lewis Watson, Spalding, Idaho, transcript of tape recorded interview, Creighton E. McDonald, Old Fort Henry as found in roadside history of Idaho, a treatise based on first-hand study and is true to life and character, Loyal P. Address of Loyal P.

Brown, president of Idaho County Pioneer Association. Harry Miller, Mr. Harry Miller and Mr. Otis Roshey of St. Joe City, interview, Leonard L. Lee F.

Class of | Brown Alumni Magazine

Lee Franklin Zimmerman, Alaskan interlude narrative report or personal observations of Alaskan life and culture in the Fairbanks, Alaska, Area, , Sept. McKinsey and Company. Leon Grant Green, Preliminary report, Study of recreation resources, problems, and recommendations for the state of Idaho, Aug.

Idaho Power Company. Industrial Development Dept. William G. Kenneth M. Kootenai Valley Reclamation Association. Rick Kirsch, Physical discipline problems in the physical education setting, Sept. Governor : Willey. Herman W. Ronnenberg, The life and death of the brewing industry in Moscow, Idaho, Nov.


Linda Nordby, Progressive primer power or how the west was won in one easy shot , May 1, Elmer F. Frank P. Stephen W. A proposal to create a Natural Resources Department in the state government of Idaho.


Giles, A brief resume of relative performances of Indians and whites in the integrated school at Lapwai, Idaho, Giles, A comparative study of achievement, intelligence, and aptitudes of Nez Perce Indians and Whites in the Lapwai public schools of Lapwai, Idaho, Frederick August. William D.

Photograph album, Apr. James A. MacLean, The adventure of life and the government of the mind, June 2, Cornelison, Works Progress Administration. Idaho : first printing presses, newspapers, and editors : typescript, Kenneth J. The celebration of the golden jubilee of Fr. Michael Shannon and diamond jubilee of St. Mary's Church, Potlatch, Idaho, September 12, A study of farm organization and soil management practice : final report : typescript, Jan.

Francis Gordon Ellis. The relation of the wilting coefficient and the per cent of loss on ignition of the soil to some of the forest associations in the vicinity of Moscow Mountain, Charles A. Tectonic implications of the heat flow of the western Snake River Plain, Idaho.

Alfred Leonard Anderson. Monzonite intrusion and mineralization in the Coeur d'Alene district, Idaho. Will E. Wiley, Gold districts of the Northwest with a special study of the Hoodoo district in northern Idaho, June 1, Wooley John Cochran , Pioneer agriculture to fantastic farming in my time, The national forests of southern Idaho, industrial activities,recreation advantages, Dwight H.

Herbert Austin Pollard, II. David J. Jack A. United States. Forest Service. Northern Region. Fish and Game Department. Bureau of Fisheries. Interior Fisheries Investigations. M Ellis Max Mapes , Environmental Protection Agency. Region X. Gary O'Neal. Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation.

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Chemical Division. Elsensohn Mary Alfreda. Thomas Hugh Hite. Leonard F. Richard J. Gary E. Sandra Martinson. Dwight J. Ingle Dwight Joyce. Is it really so? A guide to clear thinking : typescripts, [].