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  1. How Long Do Pre-Employment Background Checks Take? - Barada Associates
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  3. The How and Why of Running Your Own Background Check When Job Hunting
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These checks search through large databases for every variant of a name, for example Bill, Billy, Will, William.

How Long Do Pre-Employment Background Checks Take? - Barada Associates

If the applicant has a common name, the agency will have to review and cross check the records to ensure they have the right person. Often times by middle name, ethnicity, or another unique identifier. Some universities, colleges, and former employers may not have fully computerized records, which can add another wrinkle and delay in receiving a background check. State and government departments, however, usually have set turnaround times that are predictable.

However, there are some things to avoid that can slow down your results.

Employment Background Checks: Know Your Rights.

Often times, these pre-employment background checks require applicants to provide specific information like former addresses, dates of employment, educational degrees and graduation dates. This will help you avoid any unnecessary inaccuracies that could hold up completing the background check. Be as transparent as possible with the applicant and assure them that delays can happen. In some cases, employers or the firms they contract will conduct extensive background checks which may include an evaluation of your credit history and criminal record.

This all depends on the type of job you are applying for, and laws regulating what employers can ask in your location. For example, if you're applying for a job where you'll be working with young children, it's likely employers will check to see if you have a criminal record.

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They could check your entire employment history and if they do, they may be concerned if they find omissions, which could be held against you. In addition, when you sign a job application you are attesting to the fact that you have given the employer all the information they asked for. Be sure that you provide accurate information on your job applications and resume.

Don't guess as to where you worked and when.

Your Trusted Adviser for Compliant Pre-Employment Screening

If you don't remember the details, recreate your work history before you apply. The most important thing is that you be truthful about all information you give to prospective employers. If you're worried about what prior employers will say about you, proactively cultivate and supply positive recommendations to counter any potential negative feedback about your performance, or attitude. Other Things Employers Can Learn From a Background Check: Depending on the position and state and local laws, employers may also learn your credit history, criminal record, and salary history.

Although there are many different types of background checks, employers are usually concerned with the top three searches. The most common pre-employment searches include:.

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Identification verification may also be used to verify an address, which can be cross-referenced to the information provided by a job applicant to detect inaccuracies. Although credit reporting agencies do not necessarily have identical information, the general categories of information that show on a background check include:. Credit reports can reveal many potential warning signs in an applicant, especially if your new hire will regularly be handling money. High levels of debt or excessive spending on assets could indicate financial irresponsibility. What shows up on a background check for employment may help safeguard business owners by revealing histories of criminal convictions.

Criminal background checks for employment may show criminal offenses at the county, state, and federal level.

The How and Why of Running Your Own Background Check When Job Hunting

Various offenses which may be reported include:. Employers should take caution when evaluating what shows up on this form of background check for employment. Depending on the type of job employers are hiring for, they might require additional information from their candidates and ask for more information on their background check for employment. Further searches include options such as motor vehicle and driving records, employment history, education verification, reference checks, and drug screening.

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Why are these costs so extensive? Termination expenses. You may be required to pay additional healthcare expenses and, in some cases, face litigation expenses should your ex-employee choose to take legal action. So how do modern business owners get a more complete picture of their job applicants to avoid a bad hire? With pre-employment screening.

What do background checks show?

There are several different methods employers may use for pre-employment screening, and what shows up on a background check will vary depending on which service is chosen:. ShareAble for Hires offers reliable, trustworthy, and comprehensive pre-employment screening that can help ensure you have a more complete picture of your job applicant.

Through criminal reports, credit history, and identity verification, you can confirm your hiring decision and ensure your applicant meets your criteria. Keeping your business safe should be priority, and running criminal background checks on job applicants can protect your company, employees, and customers. TransUnion data shows that nearly 1 in 4 reports contain a criminal record. ShareAble for Hires scours million national and state criminal records. Our criminal reports glean information from Most Wanted databases, the Sex Offender Public Registry, and criminal databases from 46 states.

What is in my pre-employment background check?

ShareAble for Hires criminal reports offer FCRA-regulated data, providing you with the relevant criminal history information needed to effectively screen potential employees. You may decide to have stronger financial criteria for applicants who will be regularly handling money, and a credit report can be useful in determining the financial trustworthiness of your applicant. Does the position in question involve the handling of money? ShareAble for Hires draws its credit reports from TransUnion, a trusted, reliable credit reporting agency with over 40 years of experience.

When you use ShareAble for Hires for pre-employment background checks, you receive a credit report that include:. Identity theft reached an all-time high in