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After a positive decision, we manufacture a residence permit card. When it is ready, the embassy or consulate-general will hand out or send the finished card to you. Keep in mind that it can take up to four weeks to manufacture and deliver the card to the embassy or consulate-general after you have received your decision.

When you travel into Sweden, you must present the residence permit card together with a valid passport. If you can travel to Sweden without a visa, you should be able to present a copy of the decision when you travel in. As soon as you have arrived in Sweden, you must book an appointment to submit fingerprints and be photographed. After that, we make your residence permit card. When the residence permit card is ready, we send it to your address in Sweden. Information for those who have recently moved to Sweden with a residence permit.

Become an Au Pair in Sweden

If you are granted a permit for less than three months, you do not receive a residence permit card and must therefore present the decision together with your passport when you travel to Sweden. If you need to seek care in Sweden, you may need to pay for the care yourself if you are not nationally registered in Sweden and do not have a Swedish personal ID number. To be nationally registered and get a Swedish personal ID number, you must generally have been granted a residence permit for at least one year in Sweden and that you plan to live here for one year or more.

You should therefore get nationally registered as soon as possible after you have moved to Sweden. Read more about national registration on the Swedish Tax Agency website. If the Swedish Migration Agency rejects your application, it means you are not entitled to a residence permit for Sweden. You may lodge an appeal against the decision within three weeks of the date when you received notification of the decision. Information on how to lodge an appeal can be found in your decision.

America's First Au Pair Program

Read more about how to appeal. If you are still in Sweden when your application is rejected, you must leave the country within the timescale given in the decision. Read more about what you need to know if you have had your application rejected and are still in Sweden. Your permit only gives you the right to work as an au pair, but you can switch host families without submitting a new application as long as your permit is valid.

You can get a work permit for work as an au pair for a maximum of one year. You can apply to extend your work permit if you had a permit less than one year and have received an offer to continue working with the same host family or with a new family. It is important that you submit your application before your current permit expires.

If you have had a work permit for at least six months and if you applied before the current permit expires, you are entitled to continue working while you wait on a decision. Keep in mind that you cannot get a permit for longer than the validity of your passport. You apply to extend your permit online. Apply no earlier than 30 days before your current permit expires.

53 families found

Fees for work permits. If you submitted an extension application before your previous permit expired, you have the right to stay in Sweden until the Swedish Migration Agency has made its decision. If you travel abroad in connection with your permit expiring, it may be difficult for you to come back into Sweden before you have had your new permit granted. You may then need to way for your new decision outside Sweden.

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If you are granted a residence permit, you get a residence permit card. You must therefore book an appointment to submit fingerprints and be photographed at the Swedish Migration Agency as soon as possible. You also need to do so if you previously had a residence permit card because your photo and your fingerprints cannot be saved.

The decision is sent to your home address in Sweden.

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  4. When the residence permit card is ready, it is sent home to you within around a week. If you apply online, you are given clear instructions on how to complete your application and what you have to send in with it. It is easy to do it right from the beginning, which increases your chances of getting a decision faster. If you cannot apply online, you complete the form Application for au pairs, number , and turn it in at a Swedish embassy or consulate-general in the country in which you live.

    Au Pair Visa Sweden | FindAuPair

    The application form indicates what documents you must attach to it. Contact the embassy or consulate-general before you turn in the application. If it is not possible to apply in your country, you must apply at the embassy or consulate-general that is closest to the country in which you live. Contact the embassy or consulate-general before you turn in your application for more information. If you apply at an embassy or a consulate-general , you pay the fee when you submit your application. For information on fees, contact the embassy or consulate in question since they do not have the same fee regulations as the Swedish Migration Agency.

    Sweden is also in close proximity to many other Scandinavian countries, making it a great destination for those who wish to travel to multiple destinations. Application Au pairs can apply for work anytime of the year, as applications are generally open year round. It's often best to look for a certified agency that can assist au pairs with finding placements with appropriate families. Many families are interested in hiring au pairs that can teach English to members of their household.

    Whether this would manifest in more structured lessons with the children or simply by speaking English at the dinner table, this is a great chance to facilitate a language exchange. Au pairs should keep in mind that parts of Sweden can get very cold, especially during the winter months. Au pairs should pick a city where they will feel most comfortable living in year round. Visas In order to au pair in Sweden, workers must apply for a working and residence visa no matter the duration they wish to work.

    Those who have a permit to work as an au pair are not permitted to work full time as a housemaid or as a nanny. Furthermore, keep in mind that au pairs may not be permitted to continue their work in Sweden if they have recently au paired long-term in another country prior to their Swedish application. This is sometimes taken as a sign of working as a full-time nanny or housemaid, which is prohibited.

    Applicants must be between years old, have a passport and written invitation from a host family, amongst several other requirements. Applicants can apply at a Swedish embassy. Learn more by visiting the Scandinavian au-pair center website. Some of their wages are deducted because of tax and housing.

    Au pairs are generally granted a one year permit for the duration of their stay. Housing Au pairs will live with their host families in a separate bedroom. Housing and meals are typically deducted from their hourly pay, which is advantageous in areas where cost of living is high. By living with their host family, they will be able to learn the local language and engage in local traditions and customs, thus immersing themselves into the Swedish culture. Even though Sweden is very north, the Gulf Stream creates a much milder climate than other countries located that far north.

    In the summer months, mostly July, temperatures range from 13 to 17 degrees Celsius. In the winter, mostly February, temperatures can drop to to 3 degrees Celsius. Winter comes sooner in the north than in the south. Au pairs should prepare for cool weather year-round by packing clothing that can be layered. Necessities include a parka, thick pants, long sleeved shirts, gloves, a scarf, hat, and boots.

    They should also pack a light jacket for the summer months and cooler evenings. Au pairs should always dress respectfully and modestly since they are living with a host family and working for them. Sweden is quite expensive to live and travel in; however, au pairs will be living with a host family, so their meals and housing will be covered during working hours.